Majuli Masks – The traditional craft from Assam

22nd April,2019 posted.

The northeastern juncture of Indian Culture and civilization is yet to be tapped. Hidden into the folds of ignorance, preconceived notions, and scandalous assumptions; this land has tremendous cultural heritage, beautiful landscape as well as warm inhabitants.


Maheshwari- A Traditional Handloom of Madhya Pradesh

5th March,2018 posted.

When art manifests itself in terms of fabric, it gets intermingled with a utilitarian aspect of clothing, but also with a specific beauty and grace associated with it.


Pattachitra –An Undying Art Form from Odisha

26th December,2017 posted.

Palm leaf pattachitra which is in the Oriya language known as Tala Pattachitra drawn on palm leaf. The painting on palm leaves is a unique process, as ink or pens are not directly used to apply colors.


Sadir Natyam – The Predecessor of Bharatnatyam

18th December,2017 posted.

Every dance form that exists has a history, its roots which are long and tangled goes beyond the years back to the centuries, when cultures changed themselves, modified themselves within a phase which was more or less were transitory in nature.



15th December,2017 posted.

The beauty of a language needs to be celebrated with the utmost admiration, by giving shape to words that are the hopes and dreams, culminating into the imagination of people who live, write and breathe in that language.

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